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Since 1999, we have been designing our exclusive Custom Trips and helping people experience the Copper Canyon, and the amazing Copper Canyon train. 

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The junction of three major canyons at Divisadero

The Chihuahua Al Pacifico train entering the loops at Temoris.

The Amazing Copper Canyon

Bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon, home to one of the world's great train rides, full of cultural and natural history--the Copper Canyon is truly one-of-a-kind amazing, as is the Copper Canyon train.

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In addition to our exclusive "Create A Trip" page, where you tell us what you are looking for in a trip, and we design an itinerary to fit your needs, we also have several pre-designed itineraries that are very popular.

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Some of our clients enjoying the Copper Canyon

Some of our clients enjoying the Copper Canyon

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