The Copper Canyon is a hikers dream,

and our "Great Day Hiking" itinerary is a hit!


Nine days WITH some of the best hiking

in the Copper Canyon


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* Roundtrip first-class passage on Chihuahua al Pacifico regional train, to see the best part of the rail scenery--twice!

* Two nights on the canyon rim at Areponapuchic

* The Cusarare Waterfall

* Full day guided hikes around Areponapuchic, Cusarare and Cerocahui

* Two nights in Cusarare 

* The overlook at Cerro Gallegos, considered by many the best vantage point in the Copper Canyon

* The village of Cerocahui, featuring the mission church and the Raramuri (aka Tarahumara) boarding school

* Time at the "Copper Canyon Adventure Park" (if desired)

* Two nights in Colonial El Fuerte

* Available either fully guided or as an independent journey

Our Copper Canyon trip will certainly be one of the highlights of all our hiking expeditions.

Part of the thanks goes to you and your perfect way of communication and talent in getting things organized. We are very glad that we didn’t miss the Urique Canyon.

Thanks again and if we talk to our friends, we certainly would recommend they go to Copper Canyon and contact you.
— Chris, from Ottawa, Canada
Hiking thru El Cajon, a box canyon

Hiking thru El Cajon, a box canyon


"Great Day Hiking"
An exclusive Copper Canyon Adventures Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrival – El Fuerte

You will be met at the airport in Los Mochis by a representative of CCA and driven to colonial El Fuerte, a charming, historical city, 450 and counting years young!  It is about 1 1⁄2 hours away.  There you will settle in at the Hotel Mansion El Serrano, a lovely hotel very close to the central plaza. 
Don’t forget to visit the plaza tonight—it is the place to see and be seen in traditional Mexican society!

Overnight (ON) @ Hotel Mansion El Serrano. (or equivalent) Meals included: None

Day 2: The world-famous Chihuahua al Pacifico train – Areponapuchi

On the Chepe train about to cross the longest bridge.

On the Chepe train about to cross the longest bridge.

First-class regional train to Barrancas, featuring the most spectacular portion of the train ride, including the Septentrion Gorge and the loops at Temoris. Enjoy lunch on the train (on your own) with some of the best rail scenery in the world outside your window. On arrival, transfer to the Hotel Mansion Tarahumara, located right on the canyon rim for great walks and exploration. 

ON @ Hotel Mansion Tarahumara – Rim Rooms
Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner  (BD)

Day 3:  Hike Three Canyons Area (horseback riding available for additional charge)

You have a variety of hiking options available in the “Three Canyons” area today, from mild to strenuous:

El Puerto horseback ride on the Canyon rim (also available as a hike)

El Puerto horseback ride on the Canyon rim (also available as a hike)

Easy/Divisadero: Hike along the rim northwest, visiting great overlooks at the Copper Canyon Adventure Park at Piedra Volada before arriving at Divisadero, perhaps the most famous of all the overlooks in the Copper Canyon. To spice this hike up, go to the “Cueva del Diablo” (Devil’s Cave) and crawl around for a while!  (3-5 hours)
Note: Can take the tram across the canyon on this hike.  

Moderate/El Puerto: Follow the rim southeast past Raramuri dwellings and fields before arriving at El Puerto, a little-known but fabulous overlook that makes a great place for lunch. From there, explore further along the rim before returning to the hotel. (4-5 hours)  (this can also be done on horseback)

View of canyon rim from canyon bottom

Strenuous/ Bakajipare (also Wakajipare):  Descend about halfway down the canyon to the small Raramuri village of Bakajipare, a world far removed from the canyon rim. If you really want a workout today, descend to the village, then ascend to the Wakajipare overlook, above the village—this makes for a full day, and an elevation change of about 2400’/750m! (6-9 hours)

Note:  You may return the same way you came or hike up to the tram and return
by tram over the canyon and hike along the rim back to the hotel. You will need to take peso cash with you to pay the local trail fee to the Raramuri of Bakajipare and for half of the tram ticket.  You get onto the tram and pay for the ticket back at the loading station. (They may just let you ride for free)  

ON @ Mansion Tarahumara - Rim Rooms
Meals included: BLD

Day 4: Three Canyons - Cusarare

AM: This morning you enjoy great vistas of three canyons-Urique, Copper and Tararecua-from overlooks at "Piedra Volada" (Flying Rock), with its spectacular overlook and moving stone, and Divisadero, an amazing overlook, the halfway point of the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad, and home to an open-air Raramuri Indian artisan's market.

At the Copper Canyon Adventure Park you can take a tram ride for a bird’s eye view of the canyon and the river below (on your own for about $25 round trip).  

Close to the end of one of the 5 different branches on the zipline course

Close to the end of one of the 5 different branches on the zipline course

One of two swinging bridges overlooking the canyon

If you prefer more adventure, the park also has the second longest zip-line in the world. In this half-day excursion you will traverse several side canyons in 7 stations and walk over 2 swinging bridges.  With the longest of the lines over a kilometer long with a depth of over 1000 feet, you are sure to never forget this trip!  Of course, you are in good hands with specially trained adventure guides and state of the art equipment.  (on your own for about $60 including the tram return).

Longest zipline in the world, the new “Zip-Rider” is a thrilling zipline, which enables people who don’t want to take the time nor the energy for the 7 stations, to still get a birds eye view of the canyon.   You are harnessed into a special seat where you sit overlooking the canyon on a 2,545 meters (8,350 feet) long zipline, lasting 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  You reach the velocity of at least 104Km/Hour (64 miles/Hour), the incline is 17% with a descent of 450 meters (1476 feet).   At the end you walk up a short distance to take the tram airway back.   You will experience thrill and an amazing panoramic view of the canyons.  (on your own for $50, including the tram return)

Waiting your turn for zipline at Copper Canyon Adventure Park

Waiting your turn for zipline at Copper Canyon Adventure Park

In addition, there is the “Via Ferrata”, an obstacle course with rappelling, rock climbing and horizontal traverses that is an amazing test of outdoor skill, once again with the latest in safety equipment.  (on your own for $45) 

After lunch, you will transfer to Cusarare, taking time to see the Tarahumara (Raramuri) Museum, Raramuri cave dwellings, and the historic San Ignacio Mission  You will stay at Cusarare Riverside Sierra Lodge, rustic luxury at its finest.  

ON @ Cusarare Riverside Sierra Lodge

Meals included:  BLD

*Note: the lodge does NOT have electricity, but we do not think you will miss it, with the great ambiance of kerosene lamps, fireplaces wood stoves, plenty of hot water--and wonderful food!

Day 5: Hiking Cusarare  
Cusarare is blessed with a great variety of trails that allow access to not only natural beauty, but a chance to better see the lifestyles of the Raramuri who live in this area.  As such, you will have a better chance to have “real” (non-touristy) interactions with Raramuri than is possible for those who don’t leave the beaten path.

Exploring a Raramuri Cave

Exploring a Raramuri Cave

Easy/Cusarare Mission: Ramble thru Raramuri country following Cusarare stream before arriving at the Cusarare Mission, one of the oldest in the area, with fascinating architecture and decorations, a bell tower you can actually climb, and perhaps the best museum in the area, Loyola Religious Art Museum, exhibiting an impressive collection of 17th and 18th century religious paintings. After visiting the mission swing by the “Cueva Pintada” (Painted Cave) and see enigmatic cave paintings of unknown origin and age. (3-4 hours plus time at the museum)

Moderate/Cusarare Waterfall: There are a variety of routes to see the beautiful waterfalls at Cusarare—the shortest track takes only 45 minutes from Cusarare, but returning via a nearby mesa can extend this.  In addition, you will probably want to take a picnic lunch with you to enjoy at the base of the falls—a lovely place to linger. (3-5 hours)

At the bottom of the Cusarare Waterfall

Strenuous/Basirecota Hot Springs: A classic hike in Raramuri country, this walk talks your over a nearby mesa before descending steeply in a side canyon to arrive at the wonderful hot springs at Basirecota.  Enjoy the waters, have lunch and explore nearby cave dwellings before returning to the lodge via the Cusarare waterfall. A hike of great diversity and relaxation!  (7-9 hours walking, includes soak time!)

ON @ Cusarare Riverside Sierra Lodge
Meals included:  BLD

Day 6: Free morning – Transfer to train to Cerocahui

Relax and enjoy your morning in Cusarare or take your transfer early to explore Creel.  In Creel you will catch the morning westbound first-class regional train to Bahuichivo. There you will be met and taken to the Hotel San Isidrio Lodge, a fine lodge situated in a picturesque mountain valley.  (lunch on your own)
On our way visit to the town of Cerocahui and the beautiful 1700 mission and a chance to visit the Raramuri boarding school.

ON@ Hotel San Isidrio
Meals included: BD

Three generation family enjoying views from rock formations

Three generation family enjoying views from rock formations

Day 7: Hiking the Cerocahui region (horseback riding available for additional charge)

You have a variety of hiking options available in the San Isidro area today, from mild to strenuous, one of which you can choose:

Easy/Huicochi Waterfall:

We start of from San Isidro Lodge, hiking on a marked trail, from the high Mesa down to the waterfall..this is a great scenic hike, where one needs to cross the stream about 3 or 4 times (2-3 hours) At the end we drive you to town and back to the hotel.

Moderate/Pueblo de Porochi:

You leave from the lodge and hike on trails through Raramuri villages called caserios.  The trails are easy and comfortable for all types of hiking.  We will visit some of our friends who live in the village of Porochi.  This experience combines culture and joining with the lives of our Raramuri friends.  (4 - 6 hours )

Hard/Sendero curvas de Maria: (3 1/2 to 5 hours)

You leave from the lodge and hike on Raramuri trails up and down in steep, narrow trails against the canyon wall...eventually you will hike along the rim of the Urique end up at a cabin that is facing the Urique Canyon owned by friends of ours.  We finish the hike eating lunch there and drive back to San Isidro Lodge, stopping at the Cerro Gallegos overlook, perhaps the finest overlook in the Copper Canyon--the nearly 360 degree views are amazing!

Hard/Hike to Urique (5-7 hours):

You start the hike around El Puerto and follow the old "Camino Real" trails and road before arriving  in the town of Urique, close to a campsite-cabin, where we will serve lunch—a nice place where we seat under big Ficus trees.  After lunch we drive you back to the lodge. (Full day, including drive back to hotel; additional cost of $65 per person (two persons minimum) for the return vehicle transfer)

ON @ Hotel San Isidrio Lodge
Meals included: BLD

Rock formation in shadow

Day 8: Free morning - train to El Fuerte

AM: Free to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, with time after to perhaps hike to a small waterfall, (or visit the overlook at Cerro Gallegos, if you did not go there yesterday). 

PM: First-class regional train to El Fuerte. The timing of your return trip should provide some great photo opportunities, as you will be seeing the most dramatic part of the trip in the late-afternoon sun.    

On arrival, transfer to the Hotel Mansion Serrano, your home away from home in the Copper Canyon. 

ON @ Hotel Mansion Serrano
Meals included: BL


View from Cerro Gallegos on a cloudy day

Day 9:  Depart
Transfer to Los Mochis airport, where you will be assisted in checking in. 
Meals included: B

We look forward to hiking with you!

Hallo Tammy

Thank you for all your help. We had a lovely week in the Copper Canyon. We made real good friends with Alejandro. At first he didn´t understand we were really good walkers, but he had to learn it the hard way (swetting ;-)).

We are right now in Mazatlan enjoying beach and sun (which is more rare in our country than mountains).

All the best!
— Knut, Holland


Trip price includes:

The services of a bilingual guide throughout your trip,

Round-trip first-class travel on the regional Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad, considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world, 

All lodging,

Most meals, as noted,

All excursions and hiking (including the full-day hike and the Three Canyons cultural and canyon rim tour at Areponápuchi, the full-day cultural and canyon rim tour of Cerocahui, Cerro Gallegos and Urique, and hiking around both the Sierra Lodge and the Hotel San Isidrio Lodge).

All airport/train station/hotel transfers upon your arrival in Los Mochis, and A detailed trip information package with maps and supporting documentation.


Trip Prices for Great Day Hiking:  (based on final group size, arriving and departing on the same flight): all prices are in US Dollars 

Accompanied by a personal bilingual guide throughout the trip:

One person:  upon request, single occupancy.   

Two persons:  $2060 per person, double occupancy.   

Three persons:  $1675 per person, triple occupancy.   

Four persons:  $1555 per person, double occupancy.   

Six persons:  $1325 per person, double occupancy.  


(Single supplement; $280)

(discounts are available for larger groups--please inquire)


Not included in trip price:

Airfare to and from Los Mochis, Mexico (airport code LMM), where the trip begins.  (we can give you tips for your air)

Optional activities in the Copper Canyon Adventure Park

Tips for trip guides, drivers, hotel staff, etc.

Personal purchases such as souvenirs, handicrafts, snacks and alcoholic beverages

Trip Insurance

Mexico tourist card ($28 per person; normally added into the price of your international airline ticket)

Egret hunting on the banks of the Fuerte River

Egret hunting on the banks of the Fuerte River