An open letter to all those interested in the amazing Copper Canyon


In early January, the US State Department changed their travel warning system, and in light of that, we wanted to address safety and security in the Copper Canyon.

First and foremost, the Copper Canyon is a safe travel destination. We have been living in El Fuerte for almost 20 years and have never had a personal security problem, and much less with the over 2180 clients we have arranged trips for into the Copper Canyon. In fact, we feel safer here than most anywhere else!

Secondly, the new travel warnings for Sinaloa put our state in the same category as Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia or Yemen.  This is asinine, over the top and alarmist.

In fact, we have even written the US Embassy in Mexico City, asking why they put out a warning for this area, and they refuse to give any substantiating information or respond why they warn against travel to an area that is demonstrably safe.

El Fuerte and the Copper Canyon are safe, but the embassy insists on trying to scare people away from here.  Why?  Politics? Fear-mongering?  We can only conjecture.

The State Department warning system is a governmental way of covering themselves in case of a problem--As we have worked in, and with, several US Embassies, we know of what we speak.

Bottom line: If El Fuerte and the Copper Canyon were not safe, we would not live here, nor would we organize great trips here!


All the best,

Les Mahoney and Tammy Ridenour


Co-Directors, Copper Canyon Adventures

“The trip you want, when you want it!”


P.S. Please send us an email with any comments and concerns you may have.  Thanks!